Twisted War | Update

The project is about 98% ready now. I miss 2 panels which can help the player plan strategies appropriately, a tutorial section which tells the player every symbol’s meaning, and also the game’s core mathematics.

The game has a menu now, where you can navigate to a Commander Select Screen:


Also the Attacker’s Unit Assembler Panel is improved a little bit:

TwistedWar_Reloaded_Teaser_05As you can see in the previous post and in the picture above, the game now has a little bit more stylish Commander Stat screen (top right). Every button has their own tooltip as well.

~ Samuel



Twisted War | Tower Upgrading

The defendes’ side is little bit more simple to handle like the attackers’ one. You have an empty tower called Bone Tower (see the top bar, leftmost button). It has 16 Core Slots which you can fill with Cores. These Cores are upgrading the towers’ stats in various ways (You have 15 Cores available in this build).

You have some pre-made towers like the Cemetery, Crypt, Halfling Tower, etc. These are little more restricted towers than the Bone Tower (less Core Slots available, includes some pre-inserted Cores from the start). You can make these towers using the Bone Tower and the same Cores but it will cost more to you than just buying the pre-made tower. This mechanic has balancing purposes.


Tower Upgrading

If you are interested in the matematics (These datas can be changed in the future!):

  • You have 7 Towers to choose from
  1. Bone Tower (16 Core Slots Available)
  2. Cemetery Tower (0 Core Slots Available)
  3. Crypt Tower (0 Core Slots Available)
  4. Halfling Tower (11 Core Slots Available)
  5. Marksman Tower (9 Core Slots Available)
  6. Sniper Tower (2 Core Slots Available)
  7. Wall Tower (8 Core Slots Available)
  • You can put 13 of 15 cores anytime, limitless in the Towers
  • That makes (16^13) + (11^13) + (9^13) + (2^13) + (8^13) = 549755813888 possible tower variations so far.
  • You can leave these towers empty on the field too so it makes 549755813888+7 = 549755813895
  • You can put these towers on 50 places so that makes 549755813895^50 + 50 = 1,019744907187110237482859644853e+587 possible tower grid layout on the map (+50 is for the empty grid point)
  • This number doesn’t contain the “Soularrow Core” which can be placed once per tower, or the “Eagle Eye Core” which can be placed 9 times total per tower, but these are infinitesimal attributes.

So yeah that’s a lot of possible grid layouts, but that’s okay. It was meant to be like this.

~ Samuel

Info | What just happened with the site?

I merged the Royal Plan Factory main site with the Twisted War Developer Diary site and the Alchemy Runner ZX Climax Undying Legendary Remastered Edition site to be more convenient. You can filter the posts by the set categories to find what you need, and also you can find a summary information about all of our projects.

I hope it will be easier and more comfortable to use the site now.


~ Samuel

Twisted War | The story of the Attacking Forces

Princess Madlynn wasn’t so bad. Sure she decapiteted innocent soldiers for fun. Sure she burned down villages to be afraid of. But even so she wasn’t as bad as one might think. It’s all about her parents and the kingdom’s mentality. Anyway… After Madlynn and the other three Greatest Commander of Ceareth Kingdom – Captain Rampaige the fearsome pirate queen, Furious Jopser, the leader of the most bloodthirsty peasant armies and Greatest Meanlin the unpredictable wizard of Ankarath – found the world’s most powerful source – the Life Source – in the biggest graveyard of Ceareth, they decided to travel through the dimensions where the deads live and get the most of it as soon as possible because of different selfish reasons. This is how they arrived at Blooming Despair.

– Goron Ankhaal: “Narratives of Seiyon Ba’edrun”

In the game’s first version you can only choose Princess Madlynn at the attackers’ side. She can assemble high variation of squads using one to six units equipped with weapons and armors crafted with Materials and Mana. In further versions I would like to put in all four Greatest Commanders, and there are plenty of room for other kind of commanders too, so lot of possibilities are ahead of me.

~ Samuel

Twisted War | The story of the Defending Forces

There were no battle in the land of Blooming Despair. None. Not a single argument. The undeads, zombies, mummies, vampires and all sort of creatures were living in harmony, in cooperation. They were meant to protect the Life Source, the biggest and most powerful powersource known in the world.

Suddenly a huge explosion broke the peace of the creatures. An enormous blue portal opened at the end of the land. Swarm of enemies marched through it. Not a single question, not a bit of chance of negotiation. They were soldiers, they did orders without asking.

Gravedigger Neato, one of the four Greatest Commanders, the master of the bone-structures and soul-casting gathered the other three of the Greatest Commanders to help him make the best move possible. Sandwalker Brosiris, the powerful sand-mage and egyptian god-alike, Bloodbath Lugoshy, the haemophobic vampire general, and Bland Boris, the leader of the close-mouthed zombie army helped Neato to make the necessary preparations. They were not intended to fight. They decided to build structures to protect the Life Source and themselves, but not fight back. As soon as the attackers are out of soldiers they would leave anyway – that was the plan at least.

– Goron Ankhaal: “Summary of the First Great War”

In the game’s first version you can only choose Neato at the defenders’ side. He can build scturctures by using Bones and cast magic spells by using Souls. His generator towers are Cemetery – for the Bones – and Crypt – for the Souls. In further versions I would like to put in all four Greatest Generals, and there are plenty of room for other kind of generals too, so lot of possibilities are ahead of me.

~ Samuel

Twisted War | Squad Making

We’re getting closer to a playable alpha version. What’s in the game now:

  • Attackers can put together their units
  • Attackers can put the just made unit into one of the squad’s slots
  • Attackers can put one squad unit into the editor and change its properties
  • Attackers can pick a row where the squad can roam

What’s needed yet:

  • Actually send the squads into the battlefield
  • Making price restrictions (everything is free for now)
  • Better tooltips
  • The actual fight between towers and squads

Let’s analyze the picture so you can imagine the whole procedure:


Squad making.


On the right you can choose between Knight/Archer/Wizard. On the top you can choose between Swords/Bows/Staves corresponding to the chosen unit type. The weapons can come in four types: Physical/Lightning/Holy/Fire. The armors are corresponding to the chosen unit as well and they are coming in four types too: Physical/Poison/Death/Fire Resistance. You can see the created unit at the top of the HUD in big.

At the bottom you see 6 units, this is one squad. I made a Witch with Topaz Staff and Venom Robe, an Archer with Lightning Bow and Snakeskin Clothes and another Witch with Diamond Staff and Firestorm Robe in the back row. In the front row we have three Knights, one with Thick Steel Armor and Steel Sword, one with Swampcore Armor and Sacred Longsword and one with Hellfire Armor and Sacred Longsword as well.

On the right side I chose the fourth row (IV) as my squad’s roaming point. The gigantic >> button woud be the send squad command

If you do the math it is possible to make 60 different units (16+4 for each unit type (there is possibility when you only give the unit a weapon but no special armor, so thats another 4 possible unit. You have to give a weapon to every unit though.)) And since there are 6 squad slots with the possibility of standing no unit at all on it, there is 61^6 – 1 = 51 520 374 360 possible squad combination in this current version (- 1 because you can’t send an empty squad). However there will be accessories and evern more unit types (mounted units and so) as well which will boost this number even further.


I’ll do some recap about the defender’s side in the future as well as a comparison and maybe some ingame footage too.

~ Samuel

Twisted War | Version Confusion

I’m making progress so fast it’s hard to separate the different versions now. So i’ll throw everything new in since the last post:

  • The re-creation of the game is succesfully started
  • I took the on-line part from the game. The reason is I don’t have time just yet to implement it. However, it’s an option for some future updates.
  • Because of the above, I’ll implement some different versions of the AI. I’ll talk about it more when it’s time.
  • New, clean, fresh and simple HUD is created instead of that button-fest what was before.
  • Lot of the code was thrown out due of new advanced mechanics.
  • The game is fully scaleable now! More info about it in a later post.
  • The defender’s side is 90% done.
  • The attacker’s side is finally in the to do list.
  • The game has an own cursor image. Now that’s what i call badass.

Some teaser picture about the game in the current state:


The possible walking unit combinations. There may be some extra items to them which will increase the number of them exponentially, but in this version it’s “only” 60 different.


New HUD of the defenders.

Currently the game is in the v0.1.3 version

~ Samuel

Twisted War | v0.0.1 – v0.0.12 recap + little foresight

First things first: what happened in the past? Keep in mind, the game originally was Hungarian so the following picures’ texts will be Hungarian. Also this was my very first Unity game ever. I’m more skilled now, this is why I’ll rewrite the whole game from scratch and this is why I do this salute to the older versions.



First and most important mechanic.

The first and most important mechanic is of course the “tower shooting the attacker” mechanic. The grey rectangle was coming from the left to the right. When the attacker collided with the tower’s range, it started to shoot the attacker.



Oh boy, that’s lot of towers.

Okay that was a huge leap from the first version to this. The player could place towers with the mouse using the “menu” at the top. This was before the grid was invented.



I was rushing like crazy with the improvements.


Grid, mouse actions, lo’ o’ towers. Nuff said. Little X/Y coordinate debug screen for my pleasure too.



Woo woo soldiers on all rows!

Soldiers could spawn on any row in this version. More bugfix boxes and some temproary info about the defender’s stats.


Sadly these releases were lost due to a saving-issue.



Three tower types, tooltips.

The player could choose from 3 towers and the towers couldn’t be placed on each other in this release. Starting to look like a game, eh? Just wait.



GUI interface? It can’t be!

A fancy GUI interface was implemented in the game in this version. The sad part about this is that it may be changed to the previous version, because in that version I can add more fancy and flashy effects, tooltips and so on. Furthermore the OnGUI is called every frame which is resource-consuming, while placing a prefab which acts as a button is eazy-breazy.



What’s up with those locked spaces?

Health bars! And… a soldier army? That’s right, and also wrong. In this version the one soldier image was changed to six, but nothing more. It just gave the feel of an “army”. But the health bars are true and working. The locked spaces are a secret for now, at least the left ones. The upper ones were removed anyway in the next update. Also an exact tower was implemented in the game: the Halfling Tower. Woo!



Graphical improvement + more.

As I said the upper locked spaces were removed from the game. But there was a huge graphichal change in the game. The game’s main gimmick: the core system’s roots was planted as well. The soldiers were different units this time not just graphical changes.



My my, that’s a lot of towers.

The core system was ready as well as the main towers. Minor color-changes indicated the different towers.



Ton of info, lot of unnecessary things.

Every tower’s stats were out in plain text format just for me. Every core was implemented successfully. Unnecessary picture based bones/souls displayer at the top. This is the final version before the huge change.


This is where I’m at right now. Why is it necessary to burn down the game and build it up again from scratch:

  • The game is 1v1 online. I’d have to rewrite almost the entire source code anyway so the game can support it.
  • I’m more skilled now. It was my first game attempt in Unity and I was a big newbie back then. Since then I made 2 games in it and got a little knowledge about this whole thing so I can make the game 10 times better and more optimal for the computers as well.
  • I want to make it more flexible than it is right now. It supports 800×600 resolution only with no option to stretch the screen or anything and it’s a bit annoying. It’s not really player-friendly either because of the limited space for the HUD.
  • I can still use a lot of the existing source codes so I won’t have a really hard time to implement the new ideas and mechanics so it’s a little price to pay for a so much better product.

 ~ Samuel

Twisted War | What is this all about?

Welcome everyone to my developer diary! What is this all about?

Twisted War is a tower defense game currently in development phase. Players can play aganist the computer or each other online. The players have to choose a side: do they want to be the “defenders” or the “attackers”, and each side has their own different mechanics. Every side can build their own units with almost infinite variation, so even if it’s not randomly generated, every playthrough will be different.


In the university where I am we have to do a program for our thesis so we can get our degree at program-engineering. This is what i chose a year ago and this blog will be my developer diary for this project. I’d like to share every step with the readers in the game’s process and i’m highly encourage everyone to post and share your ideas! The diary was only available in hungarian until now so I’ll do a short recap what happened in the past.


Samuel Divinium.

Info | Welcome to the new site!

Welcome everyone to the new site!

I had a lot of trouble updating and managing the previous version of the site so I decided to move on and use WordPress, as I did with the Twisted War Developer Diary site. Hope you’ll like the new appearance and you’ll find everything you want.

~ Samuel