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Play it on html5 webgl:

Ruby Overview Ruby

Curse of Xipe is an easy to learn, semi-hard to master indie game by Royal Plan Factory. You will need fast reflexes, accuracy and quick reaction time to beat the various game modes the game has to offer.

Compete in online leaderboards solely, or in a team-oriented way through daily and hourly challenge modes.

A beta version is currently available on HTML5 WebGL. Possible Android build may come in the future. The game is currently also running on Steam Greenlight.

Emerald How to play Emerald

This game is extremely easy to play!

Currently supported languages:
English Hungarian
Sapphire Content Sapphire

Currently in the game: (version B1.0)

Future improvements*

*These improvements are just plans at the moment. They may not make their way to the final game or not exactly like described above!

Contact: xipe[at]rpfactory[dot]net